The Swincar has 4 long, individually articulated legs designed to flex and tilt completely independently. It has four electric motors, one on each wheel to give it heaps of traction.

It sports four wheel steering and independent suspension which enables it to climb rocks and banks, cross drains & cover very rough ground with ease. The innovative design delivers an incredibly smooth and stable ride. It is extraordinarily maneuverable and tackles obstacles, rough terrain, ditches, banks and steep slopes of up to 70 degrees with ease.

The body of the machine hangs in the frame like a pendulum. The Swincar can tilt and bounce while the driver’s cab stays relatively upright. The driver leans into turns, as if driving a motorbike. The pendulum swings to the outside of the corner when turning at speed, making the Swincar extremely stable and safe to ride – and more than a little interesting.

The pendulum effect, combined with the seat being very low to the ground, gives the rider the impression that they are going faster than they actually are.

The car is powered by the latest generation Lithium Iron (ferrous phosphate) batteries. These have better power delivery and can be charged more often than the older Lithium ion batteries (around 2000 charge cycles before dropping less than 20% of their capacity). These latest generation batteries do not have disposal issues either.

It has a roll bar behind the rider, which can easily be removed for transport.

Disability Option

The Swincar can be ridden by a Paraplegic as all controls are on the steering wheel or dashboard. Work is being done at the moment to develop a Swincar with suspension that folds out of the way to allow wheel chair access.

There is also a joy stick controlled unit being developed for the less mobile.

Brushless Electric motors on each wheel delivering 1000w delivers max power of 85Nm @ 5tr/min

Reverse gear selected by a switch on the dashboard

Four hours riding (approx) including 1000m ascent (depending on how aggressively the Swincar is ridden)

The battery will recharge while going down hill.

2 hour fast charge

Accelerator and brakes are operated by paddles on the steering wheel (like a formula 1 car!) Your feet are just along for the ride!

Maximum speed 20 – 40 kms/hr depending on use and configuration

Length                                  1.95m

Width                                    1.30m

Height                                   1.30m

Weight                                 150 kgs with batteries

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