Not at all! It will take a few minutes to get the hang of it and then you’ll be away laughing, even if you have never ridden an off road machine before.

No, they are very simple to operate. There are no gears to worry about, just squeeze the finger operated paddle accelerator with your right hand and away you go. It has very good engine braking and also has paddle operated brakes on the left side of the steering wheel, a bit like a Formula 1 car. Obviously care must be taken when riding them as nothing is indestructible.

They’ll do about 30 kms/hour but the fun is not in the speed but in experiencing the spider effect of the incredible suspension system.

Well, I guess I’d say “yes you can.”

Then I’d ask, “Can you ride a quad bike like you can ride a Swincar?” and the answer is “Definitely not!”

The spider effect of the independent suspension, combined with the pendulum effect of the body, the 4WD and 4 wheel steering make it an amazingly stable machine. On top of all that, the Swincar is incredibly fun to drive!

The Swincar can be ridden just about anywhere that you can think of. Bush tracks, lifestyle blocks, the beach, farmland… I saw a video clip recently of a guy who strapped his golf bag to the roll frame and was really enjoying his game of golf. Just don’t cross rivers deeper than 100mm and it obviously doesn’t like deep mud… Oh and it is not road legal!

The Swincar is powered by the new generation Lithium Iron (ferrous phosphate) batteries. These give better performance than the Lithium ion batteries that most people are used to. They have better power discharge rates, can be charged more often & have a longer life than Lithium ion batteries. There are no environmental issues when disposing of them.

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