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Swincar NZ are proud to introduce this much anticipated ATV to the New Zealand market. Quite simply, the Swincar is a totally unique and brilliant off-road vehicle.

  • Imagine a mechanical spider on steroids
  • 4 Wheel Drive: 4 Wheel Steer: 4 Wheel Tilt: Pendulum Seat
  • Swincar takes the off-road concept to a whole new planet
  • A radically new machine… A totally new experience!

There is nothing else on the market like a Swincar!

The innovative design delivers an incredibly smooth and stable ride. With its radical new take on fully-independent suspension, Swincars handle like a spider on steroids.

Fully electric, it is non-polluting and almost noiseless – great if you want to travel rough terrain without leaving a trace. The 4 kw/h battery gives 4 hours of drive time INCLUDING a 1000m climb. The battery recharges on the down hill run.

Enjoy the challenge of this unique machine in very rough terrain, the beach, the bush, the farm, anywhere, in safety. Ride at your own pace – it’s not so much the speed that’s thrilling, it’s the unique spider effect. Hear the birds, see the wild life and enjoy the great outdoors.

It’s low maintenance, totally unique, has low running costs, is environmentally friendly and above all… heaps of fun!

Developed in France over the last ten years by Pascal Rambaud, each Swincar is hand made for European craftsmanship you can trust and enjoy.


We have a vehicle that is entirely electric, whilst the vast majority of quad bikes have combustion engines – so the “Swincar” is non-noisy and non-polluting – and has the ability to cross extreme terrain which means that you can do things with the Swincar that you can’t do with other vehicles with normal kinematics

Thierry Jammes (Swincar France)

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